Welcome to Luina Project

Luina is the name of my notebook. I make Luina Project absulotely project using my Luina. This project is use for myself documentation an my experiment about something new technology. I love research and experiment on my free time.

The best news for you is, I'm going to share the script on all my research for you guys. You do not have to pay a penny for this, and you can use it for your business project. I declare for all of my experiment for Open Source.

Our Community Becoming Large

Increasing demand for web applications make many needs of a programmer. Currently in my country softwarehouse company distress to seek the services of a programmer anyway. Needs like these that make me believe that the developer will develop into bigger community.

Ease of access to the internet is now not only in the desktop application, has penetrated into the way mobile and tablet. Of the more open we are as vast opportunities Developer. So what are you waiting for? Don't hesitate to choose a career as a developer.

We Are Same As Developer

The first we talk about PHP Community, including each framework. YII, CodeIgniter, Sympony, they are awesome. Today interest on PHP make each community becoming Large. But each community has same goal, make PHP better.

The largest community today is held followed by PHP and Java. Both of them are the most popular programming language. But do not forget about C and Ruby, they are also awesome. Sometimes PHP programmer need C for connecting to another device. Then Java need Ruby to complete their task. As PHP developer I have great respect for other programming languages​​, because we are actually at the same level as Developer.